I have served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at UC Davis since 2014 and as an Associate Instructor since 2018. I am interested in preparing courses and seminars that focus on substantive topics in American Politics such as the role of the bureaucracy (including the police), state & local politics, American public opinion, political psychology, race & ethnic politics, public policy & administration, social movements, and the politics of constitutional law (emphasizing the doctrines and jurisprudence of the 1st and 14th Amendments).

I am also strongly interested in teaching applied research method courses on the basics of research design, experimental methodology (including the use of survey, lab, field, and natural experiments), and the use of probability and statistics to measure and analyze data in order to answer political questions (including the use of regression and maximum likelihood models).

In either substantive or methodological instruction, I aim to incorporate a community-based learning approach. This method creates opportunities for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to address real-life problems or to conduct social science research for the benefit of the student’s local community.

POL 1 Syllabus

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