You can download a PDF copy of my CV or a summary of my research agenda.

Policing and the Public

“Police Violence and Public Opinion after George Floyd: How the Black Lives Matter Movement and Endorsements Affect Support for Reforms.” with Cheryl Boudreau & Scott A. MacKenzie. 2022. Political Research Quarterly. 75(2): 497-511.

“Police Violence and Public Perceptions: An Experimental Study of How Information and Endorsements Affect Support for Law Enforcement.” with Cheryl Boudreau & Scott A. MacKenzie. 2019. The Journal of Politics. 81(3): 1101-1110.

“Partisanship and Public Perceptions of the Police” with Cheryl Boudreau & Scott A. MacKenzie

“Crisis and Confidence: An Experiment on Public Opinion and Officer-involved Shootings.”

Other Public Opinion Research

“Assessing the Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccine Lotteries: A Cross-state Synthetic Control Methods Approach.” with Carlos Algara, Samuel J. Fuller, and Sara Kazemian. 2022. PLOS ONE. 17(9): e0274374.

“Unworthy Victims and Threatening Adversaries: Islam, Muslims, and United States Foreign Policy.” with Evan W. Sandlin. 2022. Social Science Quarterly. 103(5): 1019-1031.

“Incentivizing COVID-19 Vaccination in a Polarized and Partisan United States.” with Carlos Algara.

“Polarized Perceptions: How Time and Vaccination Status Modify Republican and Democratic COVID-19 Risk Perceptions.” with Evan W. Sandlin.

“Democratization, Partisan Elites, and the Mass Public’s Interest.” with Carlos Algara & Isaac D. Hale.

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