Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Saint Michael’s College. I study state and local politics, public opinion, and political behavior, with a focus on the intersection of policing and politics. My primary research uses experiments to examine how controversial policing, such as police shootings, affects the public’s opinion of the police and local government, as well as the public’s attitudes towards policing policy.

I also have published or ongoing projects using experiments to examine varied aspects of political behavior. Some examples include testing how religion affects foreign intervention policy preferences, how incentive programs affected COVID-19 vaccination uptake, and how public support for democratization policies are impacted my interest group cues. I teach substantive undergraduate courses on topics including the U.S. national government, U.S. constitutional law, criminal justice, law and society, and U.S. state and local government, as well as a methodology course on basic research design and quantitative analysis.

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